Plants are having certain phytochemicals, micronutrients and hormones which are highly beneficial to human body for preventing and curing several diseases.




These plants of this medicinal quality can be grown in soil and water. Plants grown in soil under controlled climate (green houses) give better yield both in quantity and quality. These can be rapidly multiplied using tissue culture techniques with improvement in their quality and quantity.

Plants grown in water (hydroponics) are more rich in micronutrients. These plants need less care with better biological properties. These can be grown in small to medium size aquariums at domestic level to large aquariums and ponds both indoor as well as out door climate. In water, plants get their dood from the excreta of fish and fish food. Fish gets her food from aquatic creatures and food supplied by cultivator. Oxygen, needed by fish, is supplied by oxygenating plants in water.




These medicinal plants are rich source of vitamins, micronutrients, hormones, pre and probiotics,phytochemicals. Previously these were used in prevention and treatment of diseses. Now these phytochemicals are used in microdose injections for antiageing therapy(Mesotherapy) e.g.lipodissolution etc.which is rapidly replacing difficult, invasive, risky and expensive surgical procedures like liposuction. Now in Mesotherapy,these phytochemicals are used in microml subcutaneous doses under the eyelid,neck,buttocks,abdomen etc. to remove sub cutaneous fat deposits without any pain.



This site deals with two parts.

First part involves production of plants in controlled climate-from tissue culture-their hardening in green houses(both in soil as well as in hydroponics) to improve their medicinal value.

Second part involves extraction, purification and sterilization of various phytochemicals for antiageing treatment for human beings.

Water Plants

Variegated Plants