Mesotherapy is an exciting technique developed in France by Dr. Pistor over 50 years ago. The procedure has been used to dramatically reduce cellulite and fat from individual parts of the body, an actual "spot fat treatment". A small amount of medication, vitamins and supplements are injected into the fat and connective tissue of the skin (called the mesoderm) and has been used in the United States to treat many cosmetic and medical conditions including the spot reduction of cellulite and fat.

The promise of a non-surgical, permanent method for fat removal and body contouring is obviously very appealing, but mesotherapy is not proven to be the miracle cure to a thinner you.

Touted as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction, mesotherapy involves injecting medications and plant extracts into layers of fat and connective tissue under the skin. The injected ingredients may include agents that are used to open blood vessels, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, enzymes, nutrients, antibiotics and hormones. Mesotherapy may be used in conjunction with dietary modification, hormone replacement therapy, exercise and nutritional supplements.

Although the practice of mesotherapy has been around for decades in Europe, it has only recently been introduced in the United States. The types of drugs used vary from physician to physician as does the quantity and frequency of injections.

Some of the drugs used are Phosphatidylcholine, plant extracts(phytochemicals), vitamins,micronutrients,hormones and various unknown materials. Phosphatidylcholine,a bile compound, is responsible for lipids emulsification from diet. Its iv use markedly reduces atheromatus plaques. It accelerates cell membrane receptor property, increased insulin sensitivity and accelerated lypolysis

There is no information on what happens to fatty acids once they leave the targeted area or how the various ingradients affect the body's organs and other tissues

Anti Aging Medicine

Have you ever seen someone who looked much older than they should? How manytimes have you wondered how another person could look so young for their age? That’s the difference in biological age and chronological age that so many people find to be a complete mystery. So how do you turn back the clock…or at least slow it down?

Our bodies age at different rates.. The goal of anti-aging medicine is to invest in preventing illness early on, so that your middle and older years can be vigorous and productive. You are not destined to lead the same existence as the generation before you.

The majority of our health care costs are spent on illnesses that affect only those at the end of their life. Many physicians are tired of this trend, and some have decided to do something about it. Anti-aging medicine is a key tool in the fight against time.

Being healthy later in life means a lot more than not being sick. Anti-aging medicine is a broad description for many different preventive and aesthetic kinds of medical care. Each physician will have different methods for promoting good health, so it’s important to talk with your physician about their philosophy of anti-aging medicine. Find a doctor who makes you feel comfortable with discussing your entire health situation and has remedies and methods that are appropriate for your lifestyle and goals.

Lot of work is going on to provide a list of safe plant extracts of medicinal value to be used in micro injectable doses in mesotherapy.Soon this information shall be available on this site.