Dr.Lokesh Kumar,M.S.,M.Ch
Senior Plastic and cosmetic Surgeon, working at Apolo Hospital,N.Dehi.He is working on Anti Ageing and Mesotherapy .

Senior Surgeon,working at Ghaziabad for lat 25 years.As a hobbiest,has developed water filtration system with the use of activated Carbon fabric for stored water in large indoor water bodies(Aquariums),specialiy ment for growing aquatic Ornamental and medicinalwaterplants.

Dr.Surendra Singh ,Senior Paediatritian,
working at Hapur for last 40 years.He is a great plantlover,encyclopedia of Variegated plants, Palms,Ficus and Cacti .

Dr. Akhilesh Tyagi
Senior Scientist,working on Tissue culture and Microprpogation for last 20yrs.